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A patio is often the central or focal part of a garden. A professionally designed patio can be a wonderful asset and provide a beautiful yet functional area from which to enjoy the surrounding area.


What is the new patio going to be for? This may seem an obvious first consideration, but it’s one that often gets omitted in the excitement of choosing materials and furniture!

Is it to be just a snug area for two people, a family eating and gathering space, or an ‘outdoor room’ for dinner parties and entertaining?

The answer to this question will help dictate the size of the patio needed – and it needs to be large enough!

As a rule of thumb, 3m x 3m is a sensible size for a classic patio with a table big enough for 4 or maybe 6 people. You can get away with a smaller patio if there are less people, or if the furniture is small.


What shape should your patio be?  Many of our customers prefer soft flowing curves, and generous curvaceous lines can work well and look stunning.

However, on a practical note, rectangular shapes tend to make more efficient use of space – an important factor in modern small gardens. One option to consider is having a rectangular patio set amongst flowing, curvy borders. The shape of the borders will soften the harsh lines, as will any plants which are allowed to spill over onto the patio.

Rear Patio In Garden

Circle Design Patio