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We all know what a headache fitting and installing fence panels and posts can be, that’s why at Hampshire Heritage Landscapers, we take all that stress away for you. From careful planning to errecting your fence, we take great care in the fitting and finish as much as we do about the quality of products we use.


There is so much choice when deciding on the style you require. A few of the fencing designs available are picket, solid, weaved, curved, cross top and fence panels with trellis on top to name a few. These are all available in different heights, widths and colours. But don't worry if it all seems a bit daunting, at Hampshire Heritage Landscapes, we will discuss and advise you to help make your decision on choosing the right one for you a breeze.


Privacy - A fence can provide you with privacy, this is a common reason why many people choose to have a fence installed. Life can be chaotic at times and by adding a privacy fence to your property, it can provide you with the peace and seclusion you’re looking for while working or relaxing outside.

Security - A fence can also provide security deterring trespassers from entering your property. Not only can fencing discourage intruders, a fence can also keep unwanted stray animals and other wildlife from coming into your garden.

Safety - For safety reasons, a fence can give your children and family pets limitations and boundaries to keep them safe inhibiting them from leaving the garden and wandering off giving you added peace of mind. If you have a swimming pool, large pond or other sources of water within your property, this is another excellent safety reason for having a fence installed.


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